Startup Weekend – The Book!


Just got an email from the boys at Startup Weekend Central – thought I should pass it on to the SWLansing crew.  So if SW changed your life in some awesome way, you met someone amazing, or just had a great experience this is your chance to get published, and tell the world about it!

Following is copied copy from the SW HQ:

Startup Weekend is writing a book and we want to hear from you!

Did Startup Weekend change your life? Did you meet a co-founder, quit your job to join a company founded at Startup Weekend, or change career paths after attending one of our events?

Startup Weekend is writing a book about our philosophy and model and we would like to include testimonials from our alumni—you!

Submissions to the book are due by April 8th and should be between 300 and 500 words. All submissions should answer one or more of the following questions:

  • Did you meet someone at Startup Weekend who empowered you to found or join a startup, switch careers, or learn a new skill set?
  • Were you inspired to become more involved in your startup community after attending a Startup Weekend event?  Are you now a leader?
  • How was your local startup or tech community changed following a Startup Weekend event?
  • Did you secure funding or get accepted to an incubator or accelerator after meeting peers or mentors in your local startup community at one of our events?
  • Have you changed the way you view yourself—are you an entrepreneur first and an employee second?
  • What about the Startup Weekend model do you find most transformational?  The emphasis on creation? The collaborative nature of the events? The mix of people you meet? The pitch-to-presentation in 54 hours model?

Please send your submissions to  Be sure to include your name, the Startup Weekend event(s) you attended, your startup’s name (if applicable), and any additional information you’d like us to have.

All submissions are due by April 8th