SWLansing 2.0


So… hopefully you loved SWLansing Mark I.

It was awesome, and we are ready to go for round 2.

To recap:

At SWLansing, we launched 6 companies, gave away some ipads, people met co-founders and soulmates.  Thoughtback took off and became one of the top 25 apps, and was featured on the landing page of the Mac app store.  Bryce Colquitt had Jolly Digital change the course of his life, and is setting off on an incredible new adventure.  Most importantly, we all met some cool people, learned a lot, and had great fun.

So naturally, we have to do it again.  SWLansing 2.o – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  Registration is now open, early registrations are discounted, so Hurry!

If you have any ideas or input based on last SW, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Be sure to tell your awesome Hacker & Hustler friends, and bring anyone you think would be a great addition.  Super excited to do this again!