Startup Weekend LiveStream


Here is the link to the LiveStream of the final presentations of Startup Weekend Lansing:

These teams have worked incredibly hard over the last 50 hours, and here is their 5 mins to share what they have accomplished.  There are some staggering achievements here.  I hope you enjoy every one of them.  In preceding posts, we have shared blurbs and contact info about all of the teams.  If you would like to connect with them for any reason, I am sure they would love to talk further!

Also, I have a huge surprise planned for the attendees, so keep an eye out!

Presentations are in the following order:

1.Classified Elephant


3. Jolly Digital

4. Neighborhood Noodles

5. Thoughtback

6. Today’d

Keep in touch and follow along here and by following #SWLansing on Twitter.  I hope you enjoyed the teams, their hard work, and their products.  To have done what they did in a weekend is no small feat.